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Grępielnia owes its name to the place where it is located.

The card covering factory was founded in 1860 as "Hähnel.Mänhardt
& Comp. "At the factory, wool was combed using special combs called combs, which were then used to make fabrics for the wool industry. Eighteen years later, in Żywiecskie Przedmieście, at Bleichstraße (today's Partyzantów), a neo-Renaissance three-story factory hall was built. Before it was built also

in the neo-Renaissance style) two twin villas of the owners, Adolf Mänhardt and Ferdynand Hähnel.




















At the turn of the century, the factory became the largest producer of carded upholstery in Austria for the wool industry and leather products for the textile industry.

In 1905, the factory hall was extended to the north, and in 1912 - to the south (without maintaining style). In 1922, a characteristic extension with a tower was built from the north-west. After World War II, the nationalized factory was called "Eltech" Technical Products and Textile Machinery Plant. In 1995 the plant ceased to exist.


Now in a new setting, after general renovation, it invites you to discover its unique atmosphere resulting from the combination of tradition

and modernity.





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