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A good day is best to start with a nutritious breakfast and excellent coffee.

In our breakfast offer you will find   lots of energizing products. .:



- fresh, crispy bread baked on site,

- breakfast cereals,

- dry fruits,

- jam

- honey

- milk

- yogurt,

- milk shakes,

- a selection of cheeses and cottage cheese,

- selection of cold cuts,

- meat and fish snacks,

- warm buffet: among others: sausages, grilled vegetables, scrambled eggs, pancakes,

- for sweet gourmets: delicious cakes, home-made cookies,

- a wide selection of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruit,

- seasonal salads,

- fruit salads,

- aromatic, freshly brewed espresso coffee,

- a wide selection of teas,

- the possibility of composing products without gluten, without lactose or in the ege version.


- Monday - Saturday from 6:30 to 10:00

- Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00

Early departure? There is no problem for us.
On special request of our guests we can prepare a take-out lunchbox.


Ask for details at the reception!







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